On your side

Get someone on your side

When clients seek me out to discuss their uncontested divorce I often advise them about some other professionals they should seek out.  I tell them frequently that besides me, they need three other people on their side through this process.  While uncontested divorce is by far the simplest, fairest and most amicable way to end your marriage, it’s still a stressful time. 

A Therapist

Why on earth do I need a therapist? Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re going through a significant life change and there will be complex emotions to deal with.  You’ll need to sort out your feelings about life, love and any future relationship you’ll have with your spouse (this is especially true if you share children). A therapist can provide you with objective advice on how to best handle your change in life circumstances. 

A Best Friend

You need someone on your side.  Someone who will listen to you, support you and tell you the truth about situations.  While a therapist will give you objective advice, sometimes you just need someone to be 100% on your side. You’ll also need help handling everything.  Remember, you and your spouse probably did a lot for each other and now you’ll need a helping hand with the kids, remembering appointments and just someone to go blow off steam with.  

A Financial Advisor

Your finances are about to change.  Your tax situation will change, your income will change and your expenses are going to go up now that you’ll be splitting your household and going out on your own.  You need someone to help you figure all this out in an objective manner.  If you’ll be receiving a lump sum payout from a spouse’s retirement account or from equity in the marital residence you’ll need to know what to do with that money.  You’ll also need help planning for the future if you’re going to have a support obligation. In all, a financial advisor can help you figure out what’s happening in your financial life so you don’t get behind the ball with your financial future.  

Obviously, you’ll need me as well.  I’ve explained in previous articles why it’s important to have a divorce attorney, even in an uncontested divorce.  We will all work in concert to support you in this time of need.  

If you’re considering ending your marriage in an amicable way, contact us today to set up a low cost initial consultation.  We specialize in keeping things as low stress and lost cost as possible.