About Us

We Have over 35 Years of Experience
in Helping Good People Through Tough Situations

About the Firm

Our firm specializes in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection as well as uncontested divorce. We have successfully helped thousands of people find the solution to their financial problems and end their marriage in an amicable, cost effective way. Our main office has been located in Newnan, Georgia since 1983, and our satellite office is located in LaGrange, Georgia. We understand that coming to our office is often a “last resort”, and therefore we make every effort to provide you with a relaxed, comfortable office environment, a simple yes/no questionnaire, and an immediate one on one consultation with an Attorney to discuss your financial situation.

Our two attorneys, Amanda Barrett and Michael Gorove, will personally handle every aspect of your case. Our firm has over 35 years of knowledge and experience in bankruptcy law. We have filed over 7,000 successful bankruptcy cases, and over 99% of all cases that we handle are confirmed or discharged if the payment plan is followed. We thoroughly research the issues affecting your case, listen carefully to your needs and concerns, and effectively communicate your predicament to the opposition, Trustee, and Judge.

Our legal support staff is thoroughly trained in bankruptcy law and process. We strive to seek the most efficient and cost-effective resolution that meets your needs. You can rely on us to be accessible, responsive and efficient. We promptly return telephone calls and emails, and we always strive to fulfill your expectations.

3 Things that Make Us Different

  1. Our firm is focused on client service.  We offer consultations with an actual, licensed attorney, not a paralegal or legal assistant.  Your case will be handled by this attorney all the way through to completion.  We will be at your hearings. We won’t just send someone you’ve never seen and we’ve never met like a lot of attorneys in the area do.  
  2. We are a flat fee law firm.  We don’t charge retainers like most attorneys.  We quote you an UP FRONT price.  No games, no gimmicks, no $15 to respond to an email or $20 to answer a phone call. What you pay is what you’re quoted and any possible extra fees are disclosed at the time. 
  3. We are the low cost legal service leader.  We keep our overhead low and don’t farm out our work to other attorneys.  You won’t find us in some ivory tower, we keep things simple.  We work hard to stretch every dollar and pass our savings along to you, our clients. 

Our Attorneys