A “Nasty Divorce” isn’t inevitable

A Nasty Divorce

Ending your marriage, even the uncontested way, can be overwhelming.  You’re finding a number of issues popping up that you never thought about, despite the fact that you and your spouse agree on most everything.  You’ll hear from friends who have been through it and plenty of others who always seem to have an opinion.  Make no mistake, there’s nothing wrong with having friends support you…in fact, we encourage it.  However, below we’ll list a few steps you can take to keep this from becoming a nasty divorce.  

Get Educated:

There’s an old saying, “knowledge is power.” That’s true in every aspect of life, especially divorce.  Educating yourself is something that should begin before you even sit down with a lawyer.  This includes knowing your financial situation, knowing about insurance policies, pension and retirement account beneficiaries as well as other important financial information. 

Tell the truth:

Sometimes the truth hurts.  The truth can be painful and difficult and hard to live with.  But you must tell the truth, especially to your attorney and to your spouse in an uncontested divorce.  If you’re going to keep things civil, you don’t want to be hiding things from people.  Keeping it open, honest and civil is how we get through this process without it becoming a nasty divorce.  

Listen to me:

I’m the attorney. You’re not paying me for my good looks and charming personality. You’re paying me to help you get through this process in a quick and efficient manner with as little drama as possible. You may not always like what I have to say, but remember, I’m doing this to help you. 

Think Big Picture:

The choices you make during this time will have an impact on you going forward, especially if you have children.  Focus on what matters now, not what happened in the past.  You and your spouse have thus far gotten through this in an uncontested manner, saving yourselves thousands of dollars and tons of drama.  Listen to your attorney and just understand that getting this right is what matters most.  

Find a good lawyer:

This is a critically important time.  If this isn’t done right it can have long lasting repercussions in your life and future relationship with your new significant others as well as your former spouse, assuming you have to continue to see them. Do your research and ask around.  You’ll find that word of mouth is better than fancy advertising.  Finding a good attorney who will listen to you and focus on your needs can make all the difference in getting this divorce done right, the first time.

If you’re considering ending your marriage, we understand that it’s hard.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your spouse. A nasty divorce isn’t inevitable and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Contact the attorneys at Harmon and Gorove today for a low cost initial consultation and see how we can help you through this difficult process.