If You Need to File Bankruptcy, Don’t Wait

If you are in financial trouble and you see no other way out, do not wait, speak to an attorney and if they recommend it, file bankruptcy immediately. The longer you put off the inevitable the more it will cost you. It will likely cost more in attorneys fees due to the increasing complexity of your case.  It will also cost you in terms of your credit score.  Yes, filing bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit, but it is just one factor in how they determine your overall creditworthiness. The longer you wait the lower you score will go, period. In some situations, it may be advisable to delay filing for a period of time. Most of the time though, once you know you need to file bankruptcy, don’t wait.

Matters of Importance

If you have been sent foreclosure paperwork and you have exhausted your other options, you are out of options and you must file to stave off the foreclosure. The same rings true with evictions, lawsuits, repossessions, and garnishments. Once you get the notice filing bankruptcy is the your last and best option. Filing bankruptcy immediately will mitigate the adverse actions of your creditors.

All of the aforementioned situations are matters of extreme importance. Competent bankruptcy lawyers will give you a breakdown of the bankruptcy timeline, including all the inflexible deadlines that must be met before and after you file. Your attorney is an expert in bankruptcy law; when they tell you that time is of the essence it is imperative to get them what they need so they may take action on your behalf as soon as possible.

Matters of Timing

In certain cases, it may benefit you if you wait to file until a certain date, your attorney would discuss this with you and explain why it is advantageous. An example of such a time would be, if your foreclosure is scheduled at a distant enough date, it may be financially savvy to delay your filing to include the coming months in your Chapter 13 plan.

In other instances, if you have taken on a large amount of debt recently or know that you will need to incur some debt in the coming weeks or months, it may be better to delay your filing until you can include those debts as well. You might also have recently made a significant transfer of property, which would affect the timeline of you filing for bankruptcy.

These situations are all less common issues. In the overwhelming majority of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the sooner you file, the better.

If you’ve run out of options, don’t delay, file bankruptcy.

The faster your case gets filed the faster your credit will be able to heal. I simply can’t tell you how important credit can be in your life in today’s world. The sooner your debts are discharged, the sooner you can get back to focusing on the things in your life that actually matter. If you know bankruptcy is your only option, don’t procrastinate. Start the process immediately by calling the knowledgeable attorneys at Harmon and Gorove. They can start the process for you immediately.