What debts are wiped out?

Generally speaking, all debts are eliminated, except for the following:

  • Debts which have are determined by the Bankruptcy Court to be non-dischargeable as the result of debts created through false pretenses or misrepresentations or for money or property obtained by fraud or for damages arising for willful and malicious injury to property;
  • Certain taxes;
  • Certain Debts which you fail to list on the schedules;
    Debts owed to a spouse, former spouse, or child for alimony, maintenance and support; or incurred as the result of a property settlement agreement;
  • Debts for fines, penalties, restitution or forfeitures payable to a governmental unit or as the result of a conviction in a criminal case;
  • Debts because of damages, injuries or death resulting from driving while intoxicated;
  • Educational or student loans.