Do I have to fill out forms?

Yes. You will receive a detailed questionnaire from our office to be completed. It is important that you complete all of the questions, even though many of them may not apply to you or to your situation.

You will be required to list ALL of you property and ALL of your debts. At the initial court appearance, you will be asked under oath whether you have listed all of your property and all of your debts and you must be able to truthfully answer that you have.

Your attorney will ask you to complete a questionnaire and then will take that questionnaire and complete the bankruptcy petition and schedules based on the information which you have provided. There could be between 30 and 60 pages in your petition, schedule and other papers filed at the time of your bankruptcy. You must follow the local and federal bankruptcy court rules in completing the forms. Preparing these forms requires an understanding of both bankruptcy law and local state law in order to enter the information correctly and accurately. The forms have to be typed and a certain number of copies must be included with the filing.

After your attorney has prepared the bankruptcy petition, you or you and your spouse (if filing jointly) will review them and, if they are correct, sign them. Your attorney will forward them to the Court along with the necessary filing fees.