What Happens Next: Tips for a Stress Free Bankruptcy

Your bankruptcy case is filed. Whew… 

But what happens next?

After you’ve gone and collected all the documents, answered my questions, answered more questions, after I’ve filled out your petition and submitted it to the court and paid your filing fee, what next?

If you really want to know the truth, the tough stuff is done now.  The heavy lifting is over and now it should just be smooth sailing, automatic even. In order to guarantee that smooth sailing though, we do need you to take some simple steps.

This is what we need from you, a member of your bankruptcy team.

1.  Read your mail

You’ll get mail from the court and our office.  We will send you copies so you can see what’s going on and what we have done on your behalf.  The overwhelming majority of things going on in your case will play out via paperwork generated by our office, so please, read your mail.  It will keep you up to date. Additionally, this mail will tell you when your Meeting of Creditors or 341 hearing will be scheduled.  

2.  Look over what you have signed

A bankruptcy is a paperwork nightmare.  Trust us, we go through approximately 100 sheets of paper per client.  Because we go through so much paper, you have certainly signed your name to several sheets of paper.  Go back and take a look at everything you’ve signed. Read the questions and your answer. Make sure it’s complete and true to the best of your knowledge.  If you find anything that’s wrong or happen upon an omission, point it out quickly. Innocent mistakes that you identify and correct rarely a problem in a case. Mistakes are common and harmless if fixed.

3.  Keep in touch

If something major happens in your life like a move, job change, sudden inheritance or you’re seriously ill, I need to know.  Each of these situations can have an impact on your case. 

4.  Ask questions

If you don’t understand something, let me know.  If I don’t know you’re not fully understanding something then I can’t do anything about it.  You aren’t expected to understand bankruptcy the first or even the second time through. I’ve been doing this every single day for over a decade and have filed thousands of cases and there are subtleties about the law that I often learn as we go through this.  If you’re lost, let me know so I can explain it to you. 

5.  Respond quickly

When I ask for documents or call for information, please, get it to me quickly. Bankruptcy cases happen fast.  You need to get information to the right people quickly and delays can be quite harmful.

6.  Don’t freak out.

Bankruptcy may seem like a lot, and it is but what happens next depends on you.  It’s a new and strange situation in your life.  However, you made a good choice in hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney to guide you through the process.  My team has decades of experience. If something comes up that we haven’t seen chances are, we can easily figure the situation out.  Most bankruptcies are very routine. There is no reason to lay awake nights terrified of some horror you’ve dreamed up. If it worries you, ask me about it.

In the end, we can work together to get your finances back on track and relieve some of the stress you’re dealing with in life.  If you find yourself in need of a bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate the complicated world of federal bankruptcy law, contact us today for a free consultation to find out how bankruptcy can help you.